About Us

We create embedded, staff, customer, corporate, business to business loyalty and incentive programmes, value-added, lifestyle programmes, loyalty marketing solutions for Clients- Medical Aids, Short Term Insurance, Financial Services and Membership Clubs. We also specialize in debit, credit & gift cards.

We have a wealth of knowledge and use years of experience to design membership programmes. We offer a wide range of services and products such as call centre, travel, leisure, health, entertainment, motor, cell phone, 24/7 assistance services, shopping experiences etc.

Our philosophy is based upon the knowledge of informed marketing decisions driven by the intelligent use of data, are the basis for attracting and retaining the right mix of customers and maximising their lifetime value.

Our delivery is paramount to our ongoing success. We work as an integrated extension of our clients. We value teamwork and know that high performance environments demand it for success.

With a reputation built on solid delivery, we understand the complexities of delivering integrated loyalty marketing solutions, from strategic thinking and systems design to creative execution and operations.

Wherever we work, we make our impression by building client relationships based upon our four core values:
  • Commitment
  • Professionalism
  • Openness
  • Flexibility
We always aspire to exceed our clients'; highest expectations and deliver truly world-class solutions and innovative services.

At One Loyalty we design and implement direct, relationship and loyalty marketing solutions for our clients. We are a full service agency covering the complete range of strategy, creative, database, systems, customer care and operational services.

We consult, create and communicate.

We are specialists and therefore focused on our single area of expertise: loyalty. We recruit product and services from a range of industries and disciplines to deliver an expert ';single partner solution'; for all your direct marketing and loyalty requirements.
Our clients profit from our unique approach and integration of loyalty services, which give us the critical insight to deliver successful, workable solutions. We design and manage programmes that are:
  • Attractive to the target market
  • Feasible to deliver
  • Commercially impact full
We have a solid track record in delivering winning loyalty solutions where local relevance is a critical success factor.

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