How It Works

How to Login

Enter your username and password into the login box at the top left hand side of the page. Your username and password were confirmed in the activation welcome email sent to your email address when you joined.

How to find the benefits you want

If you have a particular brandbenefit in mind, we recommend making use of our search bar at the top of the page. Alternatively if you would just like to browse our categories on the left hand side of the page, we have made it simple for you to identify the categories that are relevant to your interests. Remember some categories have sub categories that you may to display these benefits.

How to download and print paper vouchers

When viewing a benefit, click on the ''voucher'' button to download the voucher you would like to redeem. Once the voucher has downloaded and open, you may print it.
Please note: You have to be logged in to be able to download these vouchers.

How to receive SMS/MOBI vouchers on your mobile phone

All you need is a mobile phone (any kind, oldnew) with a working mobile number. Simply SMS the given keyword to the shortcode as stated on the mobi voucher benefit. You will receive the voucher you wanted SMSed directly to you!
SMS rates stated on the benefits.

How to redeem benefits via the call centre

Should you see a “send enquiry” button on any benefit, please click on it and fill in the send enquiry form where our friendly consultants will gladly assist you within 48 hours. Alternatively you can call the call centre on the number listed on the top of the page.

How to Update your Profile

Login to the website with your username and password, and click on the ''View my profile'' link under the ''Member Zone'' menu tab where you initially logged in. This will allow you to update your personal information and change your password.

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